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We had a wonderful Saikoucon!

Saikoucon was a blast!
We had an intense competition going all weekend. Our final showdown was event attended by our friends, The Adarna!
Our love was shown at all our participating venders in the dealer room and artist's alley. Smiles abounded as people picked up copies of Bags of Heroes to host their own Party Heroes events at home.
Our thanks and love to all of the staff and attendees at Saikoucon for another amazing event!

A Wonderful Welcome at The Origins Gallery!

Wow what a night! We all had a splendid evening among the artists at The Origins Gallery. There was food, song, and of course, Games!
I lost count of how many people turned out for this wonderful event.
Our Party Heroes tournament was well played and well won.
We have to give special thanks to Jodi and Ashley for having us in their wonderful space.
We must give our deepest gratitude to our friends, Geoff and Lloyd from The Longview Podcast, and Jason from The Indie Pixels Podcast, for coming out and helping us show off and teach our games.
Our artists were out in full force to sign autographs and support the company they've work so hard to help build.
Prints of their work are still available through the Gallery!
We have some pictures of our work hanging here.
A thanks to all those who came out in costume, it was great!
Paul Smeltz (a friend to everyone), of The Forwardian Society, gave us a wonderful review of the event here.
So hop on over to our friends page and check out all these people and more!
And a wonderful thanks to all those who chose to support our GoFundMe page!

We are teaming up with our friends at The Origins Gallery!

March 12th we will be hosting an event in conjunction with their Comic and Anime art exhibition. We will be there featuring the work of the Avocadian Artists and celebrating our achievements and community connections with a Party Heroes Tournament.
While enjoying the art, sit down for an Avocado Game at our demo table. Don't forget that many art pieces are for sale as originals or prints through the art gallery. Avocado Games will be donating a portion of our proceeds to benefit the St'art Stroudsburg program and The Origins Gallery.
Festivities begin at 6pm, so show up and celebrate with us!

B.E.E.S. can be played on Tabletopia!

Click the Link below to try our popular game, B.E.E.S.!

The Promised Land!

We have discovered Tabletopia! Tabletopia is a digital tabletop gaming site where you can go and play your favorite games with your friends or strangers. We are actively setting up our games (like BEES and Frontline among others) on this platform so you can play! Once Tabletopia is fully operational, we will set much of our line to be played by anyone! This will allow all of you to try the games we've been working so hard to produce.

What we like so much about this platform is that you will still have to know how to play the game in order to use the interface. So, at the digital table, we'll make the rules available, but the manipulation of all the pieces is up to you. It'll be the same as if you had just opened the box and someone went through the trouble of setting the pieces out on your table!

Check out www.Tabletopia.com!

Do you dare click here?