The year is 2112 and the machines being produced now run on quintessence, a fully renewable energy source held in Spirits. In 2040, Dr. Russel VanOrman Quine discovered that Spirits contain energy that can never be destroyed. Even when used to power heavy machinery, this energy source (quintessence) dissipates into the ether, returning to its unknown source. All we need to do is collect it.

For this purpose Dr. Russel Quine designed the VanOrman Machine, a powerful machine that absorbs the quintessence that is free-floating inside of each and every spirit. The spirits are temporarily absorbed with the quintessence until it is used, then the ghost returns to its path, its mood improved by the temporary feeling of usefulness.

Stripe spirit sample 1890

B.E.E.S.: Mods

The guys in R and D have developed new additions to our tube arsenal. We can calibrate with more precision and adaptability than ever before with these new Mods.

B.E.E.S.: Pyramids of Mars

In the year 2425, the international space program discovers tombs on the surface of Mars. These tombs hold spirits that bond differently from the bonds we have on earth. Can you collect quintessence when the locations are completely different from what you’re used to?

B.E.E.S.: Poltergeist

Some ancient spirits of playfulness have returned with a mind to play with our B.E.E.keepers. They disturb the locations upon appearance, ignorant of the bonds, creating a more volatile area. How will you keep up?

B.E.E.S. can be played on Tabletopia!

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The B.E.E.net Book

No game exists in a vaccuum. Along with the B.E.E.S. game, we are also producing a book to hold stories and characters in the world in which the game exists as reality. In the Kickstarter project, one possibility is the opportunity to name a character in the book. Would you like your name as one of our characters?

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