Yes, we have those...

The Gamer's Edge

Our friendly local gaming store!

They let us use their tables to do art, let us playtest with their customers, let us use their facility rather often for whatever purpose we've come up with thusfar. (Besides, Robin is also an owner there with partner Jared)

They host Board Game teaching and playing sessions every Monday at 6:30!

To find them on facebook Click Here!

The Indie Pixels Podcast

Our friends at the Indie Pixel Podcast have reviewed B.E.E.S.

Putting aside the fact that we've been playing games with them for a few years now, these guys are good at what they do. Sitting down to play is always a challenge. They take their gaming very seriously, but have enough of a sense of humor to keep it fun.

Listen to their podcast where they review the latest and the greatest.


Frugal Mule Games

We've sat with John several times at conventions and always look forward to learning more from and about him. We've played Stoned and Stoned in Space, and we really do enjoy his games (and his help! {thank you John})

So support John at Frugal Mule Games!

KNWalz Animation

Krystal has done a bunch of work animating our characters for video, setting up our art for kickstarter, among other work. We can't thank her enough. If you need work done, she's fast and clean.

Hop on her website.

Saikou Con

SaikouCon, which means "best convention", held its first show in August of 2013 and has grown steadily ever since. Taking shape in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, the convention has now moved to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This move was brought on by a need for larger venues not available in the Lehigh Valley cities the convention once called home. Boasting a dedicated staff of longtime Japanese anime and manga fans, SaikouCon is excited to be the only annual convention dedicated anime, manga, Japanese Culture and Pop Culture of its size in this area of Northeast Pennsylvania. The convention grew out of webzine Anime Ate My Brain Magazine; the sibling webzine to Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine. Both journalistic endeavors fall under Nerdy Rock n' Roller Publishing, which has been growing in diversity from 2015 forward.

DPH Games

Having sat with Dan, we have come to love his designs. Psychological Warfare is fun and well researched. His bird game -possibly named "Flip" or "Bird Bath Buffet" or maybe even "Fine Feathered Feast"- is just a hilarious time. His Geocache games have become a phenomena of gaming, following the worldwide trend.

Support his games at your local retailers or on his website!

The Origins Gallery

The Origins Gallery in Stroudsburg is certainly a friend to Avocadians everywhere! They've helped us by allowing us to film in the gallery and they're working with us and our artists for promotion and progression. A wonderful space for artists to display work or just spend time, we find that we spend quite a bit of time sitting and talking with the wonderful people in the gallery. With themed shows, the work on display is constantly changing. Also, during the premiers, they invite local musicians to perform and show their live art; always a wonderful time!
So check them out!

The Forwardian Arts Society

The Forwardian Arts Society supplies news and reviews for arts events throughout the Stroudsburg area. He reviews events for our events and those of our friends regularly.

So thanks Paul for all the wonderful words.