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We had a wonderful Saikoucon!

Saikoucon was a blast!

We had an intense competition going all weekend. Our final showdown was event attended by our friends, The Adarna!
Our love was shown at all our participating venders in the dealer room and artist's alley. Smiles abounded as people picked up copies of Bags of Heroes to host their own Party Heroes events at home.

Our thanks and love to all of the staff and attendees at Saikoucon for another amazing event!

The Promised Land!

We have discovered Tabletopia!

Tabletopia is a digital tabletop gaming site where you can go and play your favorite games with your friends or strangers. We are actively setting up our games (like BEES and Frontline among others) on this platform so you can play! Once Tabletopia is fully operational, we will set much of our line to be played by anyone! This will allow all of you to try the games we've been working so hard to produce.

What we like so much about this platform is that you will still have to know how to play the game in order to use the interface. So, at the digital table, we'll make the rules available, but the manipulation of all the pieces is up to you. It'll be the same as if you had just opened the box and someone went through the trouble of setting the pieces out on your table!

Check out www.Tabletopia.com!



Cog's Combat

Build a combat robot to fight in the arena! Design for strategy or brute force and see how you hold up.

You are a scientist working under Master Petrie, the world's most revered creator in the fields of robotics, engineering, hydraulics and artificial intelligence. You are competing for his favor in the hopes of taking his seat when he passes on. Will you be able to fill his shoes? Fight your way to the top using your ingenious machines and combat specialties.

We are currently playtesting Cog's Combat on Tabletopia by invitation only! Contact our facebook page for more information.

Party Heroes

Party Heroes

Take on the role of an adventuring hero. Name your hero as you see fit (Please be polite). Then name the four super-moves. Your Bash 3, Throw 3, Jump 3 and your Counter cards need names that fit your superhero. When your super-move hits, don't forget to exclaim the name! To download a free printable copy of Party Heroes click here!

Front Line

Front Line

Front Line is a theater-scale miniature combat game. War is a harsh, harsh event. Protect your territory while gaining the field advantage; build new units and eliminate your opponent's units.

We are currently play-testing this game.

We'd like you to come and playtest Front Line! All you have to do is agree to respect our rights as authors and keep the game in this phase until we are ready for production. The package you download is printable for testing and commenting purposes only. Do not redistribute to other companies. Do not leak information to reviewers or create videos or reviews using the print-and play without permission. The good news is you get this game for free along with the expansions and you will, via your input, affect the finished products. I thank you in advance for your support. Together we will make History. Front Line Playtest Download

Time Hammer

Time Hammer

Have you ever wanted to travel through time? Jump from one decade to the next? In Time Hammer you are the leader of a science team of time travelers looking to gain mastery over time itself. Compete against other teams to be the first to control the annuls of history. Watch out, though, because Time Hammers resist the changing of the continuum and develop to crush your dreams.

Do you dare click here?